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Viajes Truandó - Travel Agency RNT 5249

Your travel agency for the Chocó and all Colombia.

  • We offer sales of domestic and international air tickets, tour packages, group management, tours, cruises and travel advisories in paperwork.

    Offer equally responsive in Chocó: Capurgana, Bahia Solano, Nuqui, Tutunendo, Pretoria and surroundings, excursion on the Atrato river, etc.

  • We are committed to offer the plans to improve tourism in the Chocó, Colombia and the world.

  • Travel Truando founded in 1996 in response to unmet community of Pretoria , was born as a travel and tourism, in a secluded spot in the center of Pretoria , breaking the paradigm of localization with our innovative home service then, managing to capture a large number of customers, trying to always serve them with reliability and quality .

    In 1998 , our branch in the city of Medellin , located in the Olaya Herrera Airport , becoming a major pillar of the company was founded as popularly became a sort of " embassy Chocoano colony" of this city which grew more and more , serving Truando Travel not only image but also support sales , marketing window to other locations with our destinations as Nuqui , Bahia Solano, Capurgana and our strongest product that is Tutunendo .

    At present, and due to the great changes in the market , we are ready to accept them and remain in the market capoteando and maintaining quality in our services that have allowed us to stay in the market through the years.

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Chocó tourism

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  • Quibdo and surroundings

    Tour the capital of Chocó, knowing its history, crafts, culinary and walk along the majestic river Atrato, visit the village of Tutunendo to enjoy its beaches and waterfall, visit the village of Pacurita and wonderful river.

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  • Magic of Tutunendo

    Includes 3 nights of pure relaxation in the middle of nature, with accommodation on the banks of the river, known for its medicinal powers, with time to swim, take in the refreshing waterfall whirlpool Fruit Sal, artisanal fishing, and enjoy our spectacular cuisine.


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  • Knowing the Uraba of Chocó and Antioquia

    Plan that is developed out of the city of Pretoria, by the Atrato river, crossing the mouth of the Atrato River in the Gulf of Uraba, reaching the population of Turbo, visit Paragraph, Necocli and medicinal mud volcano in Arboletes, sharing Kuna indigenous communities and to buy their famous Molas.

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  • Whales season in Bahía Solano

    Plan 3 nights, which reveals, when nature allows, the giant humpback whales or dolphins banks that accompany them, and to visit Cove Utria birthplace of many whales, waterfalls and natural Tiger aquariums, enjoy of the food from our shores whose main base is fish and seafood from the region.

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  • Relaxing Nuquí

    Plan to develop 3 nights in beachfront cottages, visit the famous thermal of Arusi where freshwater creek, thermal and salt water from the sea, visiting Jovi mangroves, home to many marine species binds and enjoy our wonderful coastal gastronomy based on fish and seafood.

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  • Special Capurgana

    Plan 3 nights in cottage with own creek, visiting Sapzurro and honey, our border with panama, check for the natural sky and other nearby beaches, with its own gastronomy of the region.

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In furtherance of the provisions of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, the Company cautions tourist exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are criminal and administrative sanctions in accordance with applicable laws. Likewise, and in order to comply with Resolution 3840 of December 24, 2009 and under Article 1 of Law 1336 of July 21, 2009, TRAVEL Truandó adopted a Model Code of Conduct, in order to prevent and prevent the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism.

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